Interview: In conversation with Joseph Clarke

For the inaugural interview in our Canada Constructed Interview Series, we spoke with Joseph L. Clarke, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Department of Art History at the University of Toronto. We asked him about the acoustics of architecture, opportunities for students at U of T, why studying Canadian architecture is important, and even his youthfulContinue reading “Interview: In conversation with Joseph Clarke”

Site profile: PARK PARK

Photograph of signs and paint at PARK PARK, Calgary. Image taken by and courtesy of Public City Architecture. Given the pandemic and the rapid onset of winter weather, it is more imperative than ever for us to rethink public parks in our major cities. For this site profile, then, we examine the newly opened, whimsicalContinue reading “Site profile: PARK PARK”

Building profile: Simon Fraser University

Photograph by SFU Business, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons, c. 2016 For our second building profile, Katrin Zavgorodny-Freedman continues our look at university buildings, but takes us to her home town of Vancouver… let’s take a look! Simon Fraser University (SFU), Burnaby/Vancouver, British Columbia opened its doors to its very first students in 1965.Continue reading “Building profile: Simon Fraser University”

Guest speakers on Canadian architecture

The former company town of Port Union, Newoundland, est. 1916. Photo: Jessica Mace Canada: Buildings and Landscapes We are excited to say that the study of Canadian architecture is back in a big way at U of T! This semester, a brand-new course, FAH 273 Canada: Buildings and Landscapes—taught by Professor Christy Anderson and ProfessorContinue reading “Guest speakers on Canadian architecture”

Building profile: University College

For our inaugural building profile, we are featuring University College at the University of Toronto (Toronto, ON), by Frederic Cumberland and William Storm, 1856-1859. From left to right: 1) University College under construction, 1857. Courtesy of Toronto Public Library. 2) University College under construction c. 1857. Courtesy of the University of Toronto Archives. 3) UniversityContinue reading “Building profile: University College”

Stay tuned!

Canada Constructed has exciting things just around the corner! In the coming weeks, we’ll be speaking with scholars, alumni, students, and experts in the fields of architecture, history, geography, design, and heritage. We’ll hear from them about their work and how it connects to the built environment in Canada from a variety of disciplines andContinue reading “Stay tuned!”

Introduction to the project

Welcome! This post marks the inception and inauguration of the revival of the study of architecture in Canada at the University of Toronto. While Canadian architecture was traditionally a strong curricular focus in the Department of Art History, we have not offered a new course in this area in many years. Yet as Canada’s flagshipContinue reading “Introduction to the project”