The Shaping & Structuring of Space: Africville

Africville was founded by Black settlers in the 1830s/1840s and became a segregated settlement on the outskirts of Halifax. It held a thriving community and culture, yet never received adequate funding nor services from the City of Halifax. In the 1860s, the City of Halifax bulldozed Africville and forced residents to relocate. Read on to learn more about the history and legacy of the African Canadian village of Africville.

The Shaping & Structuring of Space: The Village (Toronto)

June is Pride Month, and we celebrate it in this post on the Village in Toronto. It was organized in the mid-twentieth century with the goal of providing a TBLGQ2S+ safe and friendly space. Yet, Black and Indigenous TBLGQ2S+ individuals continue to be erased from the history of TBLGQ2S+ activism and life in Toronto. Read on to learn more.

Building profile: The Empress Hotel

Designed by Francis M. Rattenbury, the Empress Hotel was built between 1904-08 in Victoria, British Columbia as part of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) hotel network. Cornelius van Horne, the general manager of the CPR beginning in 1888, helped develop the Canadian tourism industry during the late nineteenth century, building a network of hotels acrossContinue reading “Building profile: The Empress Hotel”