New article: “Transforming architectural history through experiential learning”

In a newly published article on PLATFORM, “Transforming Architectural History Through Experiential Learning,” Canada Constructed’s Dr Jessica Mace reflects on the need to rethink coursework in architectural history education to keep in step with the changing discipline.

Using a case study from the Department of Art History at the University of Toronto, she demonstrates how experiential learning (EL) can offer a solution to help reinforce innovative architectural content by creating assignments that centre critical thinking and collaboration in working with a community partner.

Mace offers insight into how she implemented EL in her Canada Constructed course, along with observations and challenges for those who may be interested in transforming their own teaching.

Read the article here:

Photograph: Awen Gathering Place, Collingwood, Ontario, by David Whittaker, courtesy of Brook McIlroy

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