Event announcement! “Many mansions: The architectural and historical contexts of the Mohawk Chapel”

You’re invited!

This is a free, public lecture celebrating His Majesty’s Royal Chapel of the Mohawk (Brantford/Six Nations of the Grand River). Built in 1785, it is the oldest standing protestant church in Upper Canada and a key site in the history of Crown-Indigenous relations. To help explain this fascinating building, Prof. Coffman’s lecture will probe settler church and domestic architecture in the Canadian context from the time the church was built.

The lecture will be held in Room 30 of the Woodsworth College Residences at 321 Bloor Street West in Toronto.

The event is funded by Canadian Heritage as part of the 2022 Platinum Jubilee celebrations, and is a precursor to a virtual exhibition about the church. Stay tuned for more!

Please feel free to share widely!

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