Stay tuned!

Canada Constructed has exciting things just around the corner! In the coming weeks, we’ll be speaking with scholars, alumni, students, and experts in the fields of architecture, history, geography, design, and heritage. We’ll hear from them about their work and how it connects to the built environment in Canada from a variety of disciplines and viewpoints. We’ll share their interviews with you here so that you can learn about the ways in which the built environment in Canada is constantly evolving in meaning and interpretation.

We’re also going to do deep dives on some of our favourite Canadian buildings and landscapes. We’ll be exploring what these buildings looked like, why they were built, how they’ve affected the communities they’re in, and what they mean to Canada today. Check back here every week for a new post on a building or to hear about currents in the field of the study of architecture and landscapes in Canada.

(Have a building you’ve always admired and wanted to know more about? Drop us a line and let us know!)

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