Introduction to the project


This post marks the inception and inauguration of the revival of the study of architecture in Canada at the University of Toronto.

While Canadian architecture was traditionally a strong curricular focus in the Department of Art History, we have not offered a new course in this area in many years. Yet as Canada’s flagship university, U of T is uniquely positioned to set an innovative standard for teaching in this field. They will also draw on disciplinary perspectives from cognate fields such as geography, history, and environmental studies and informed by indigenous perspectives.

The “Canada constructed: architecture, landscape, history” initiative aims to transform teaching and learning about the Canadian built environment across U of T campuses, divisions, and departments through the development of teaching resources and partnerships allowing students to integrate the study of history with other disciplines through experiential learning. Working with cognate departments and supported through the Arts & Science Experiential Learning Outreach Support Office, these courses and supporting programs offer students the opportunity to study the city of Toronto and the wider context of architecture and landscapes in Canada.

Join us as we develop this new initiative through expanded course offerings and programming!

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