Spring-Summer 2022 Internships

We are pleased to offer a number of internship placements for the Summer 2022 term for students interested in architecture, architectural history, heritage, and more.

Check out the opportunities below with:

Arts-based internships are open to students at the University of Toronto through the Department of Art History. Offered as a course credit (FAH 481 H/Y1), these internships provide advanced third- and fourth-year UofT students with the opportunity to work with local organizations for a semester or academic session. (Please note that because these are for course credit, they are unpaid internships.)

Interested students should send an application by April 11, 2022 to Dr Jessica Mace (jessica.mace@utoronto.ca). Applications should include a letter of interest (including any relevant coursework or experience), and a resume. Please indicate to which posting(s) you are applying. If you are interested in more than one posting, you do not need to submit more than one application.

See our Internships page for the full listings, student intern profiles, and past internship opportunities!

This project is supported by the Learning & Education Advancement Fund at the University of Toronto

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