Canada Constructed-Related Courses: 2021-2022 Academic Year

Canada Constructed would like to introduce a new web page in time for course selection for the 2021-2022 academic year! The section contains a list of over 50 courses available at the University of Toronto in relation to architecture, history, and space in Canada. You can view this list here or by clicking on “Courses” at the top of our website.

The main page is divided into two sections: “Canada Constructed courses” and “Related elective courses at the University of Toronto.” The “Canada Constructed courses” lists the courses taught by team members who are associated with the Canada Constructed project.

FAH273H1-F: Buildings and landscapes of Canada with Prof. Christy Anderson
FAH199H1-F: Architecture of Toronto with Dr. Jessica Mace

Meanwhile, the “Related elective courses at the University of Toronto” is a list of courses from across U of T that are available during the 2021-2022 academic year and relate to Canada Constructed’s focus on the architecture, history, and space of Canada. This list includes courses from variety of programs, departments of faculty, such as Art History, Earth Sciences, Indigenous Studies, Canadian Studies, Chemistry, English, Cinema Studies, and more!

Who knew U of T had so many unique courses?!

– U of T students after exploring our “Courses” section

The list of course available at U of T can be overwhelming at times, and we hope this section makes the process easier for incoming and current students to find courses suited to their interests. This section is divided into ten smaller categories for you to narrow in on your own interests:

  • Toronto (courses with content focused largely on space and buildings in Toronto)
  • Public Art & History (courses focused on questions around public art and public history in Canada and globally)
  • Environment & Landscapes (courses focused on the environment, climate change, landscape, and ecology in Canada)
  • Conservation, Materiality, & Museology (learn more about conservation and exhibits with potential field trips to Canadian museums)
  • Asian Canadians & Space (courses focused on Asian Canadian history and how Asian Canadians have shaped urban and suburban environments in Canada)
  • Architecture (courses focused on the architecture of Canada and its history)
  • Urban Issues (courses focused on urbanization, urban planning, and urban space)
  • Indigenous Nations & Space (courses that consider space in Canada in relation to Indigenous Nations, including the natural and built environment)
  • Black Canadians & Space (courses focused on Black Canadian history and how Black Canadians have and continue to negotiate and redefine space in Canada)
  • Canada more broadly (if you aren’t sure where to start, these courses offer broad perspectives on a variety of aspects of Canadian history and space)

Each course links to the department’s course description page, so be sure to check those out to make sure you meet the enrolment requirements! Click here and search the course code to see if it fits your schedule. And be sure to check out and follow our social media (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) for daily course features!

Have a wonderful 2021-2022 year, everyone!

Stay safe and keep learning about the architecture, history, and space of Canada!

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