Open Art Histories internship

About the organization:

Open Art Histories (OAH) offers a dynamic and collaborative space for the creation and sharing of Open Education Resources (OERs), and serves as a virtual community and repository for instructors in the fields of art, art and architectural history, museum, communications and visual studies. OAH is committed to building a generative and supportive national network for addressing the pressing pedagogical challenges confronting these fields, including globalizing art history, teaching English-as-an-additional-language students, decolonizing the discipline and classroom, teaching Canadian art or art history in Canada, and using Open Education Resources to advance accessibility and inclusion. The working premise of OAH is that the research-driven transformations in Canadian art histories must be matched by transformations in teaching if they are to have a truly meaningful effect on the future of the discipline.

About the placement:

Open Art Histories invites applications for an internship in conjunction with the Department of Art History at the University of Toronto. The internship will involve 12-15 hours of work per week for 8 weeks in May and June, 2023. This is an exceptional opportunity for students interested in a career in the fields of Education, Art and Architectural History, Museum and/or Curatorial Studies.  

The intern will assist with several ongoing projects:

CanadARThistories, a new online course and open learning objects, including a contributor-based text, CanadARThistories provides a customizable and remixable set of resources for understanding the diverse history of art in Canada. Tasks and opportunities include:

  • Creating H5P objects such as timelines and activities in the OER
  • Developing an image database

OAH Digital Teaching Toolkit, hosted on H-Commons, will feature art history teaching content, including SoTL-AH material on art history pedagogy, with a focus on disseminating practical materials including, but not limited to, lesson plans, course syllabi, assignments, and classroom activities. Tasks and opportunities include:

  • Assist with the organization of toolkit resources
  • Working collaboratively with humanities-focused web-designers and UX experts
  • Participating as a student respondent and generating feedback on resources

OAH operations, broadly OAH hosts workshops and serves as a network for scholars in the field of art history. Tasks and opportunities include:

  • Contributing to the OAH newsletter and publishing a written feature for it
  • Creating a student/learner focused resource or workshop
  • Building a social media inventory

Most meetings and work will be conducted remotely. Candidate(s) must have access to a computer and reliable internet connection for remote work.

Timing or hours of placement: The placement is 12-15 hours per week for 8 weeks during the Spring 2023 semester (May-June). Flexible timing throughout the week. Placement begins the week of May 8.

Credit: Half credit (0.5). This internship is for pass/fail course credit at the University of Toronto through the Department of Art History. This is not a paid position.

Interested students should send an application by April 7, 2023 to Dr Jessica Mace ( Applications should include 1) a letter of interest (including any relevant coursework or experience), 2) the bursary eligibility form, and 3) a resume. Please indicate to which posting(s) you are applying. If you are interested in multiple postings, you only need to submit one application.

This project has been funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Innovative Work-Integrated Learning program and CEWIL Canada’s iHUB.

This project is supported by the Learning & Education Advancement Fund at the University of Toronto.

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