TOBuilt internship opportunity

The Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO) is looking for an intern to contribute to their TOBuilt database, specifically building knowledge of 1940s-1990s house architecture in Outer Toronto.

About the organization:

The role of the ACO has been to set the stage for conservation advocacy through public education. Our public information efforts have evolved from public events and publishing books and magazines, to development of our most significant research project to date: TOBuilt, a publicly accessible online database. TOBuilt offers a means of recording all property in Toronto, including photographs, research, drawings, and links to other, external sources of information. The database is open source and provides an opportunity for anyone with information to share it with others. We hope that consolidating community research will facilitate protection for future generations!

About the placement:

Internship responsibilities would include photographing, researching, and documenting the architecture of Toronto’s former boroughs, that vast residential horseshoe that amalgamated with Old Toronto in 1998 to create the city as it is today. This includes a particular focus on the detached house architecture of the 1940s to 1990s, much of which is or will be threatened by development pressures as Outer Toronto continues to densify. Essentially, this work will help to build knowledge of these under-represented areas in the TOBuilt database.

The intern will be joining a team of heritage researchers, working alongside city heritage planners and consultants. This is an excellent opportunity for students interested in historic architecture, heritage and urban planning! 

The student intern may also have opportunities to participate in and engage with other ACO operations.


While much of the work and meetings will take place remotely, the ideal candidate would be based in Toronto in order to assist with photographing Toronto buildings.

Timing or hours of placement: 8-10 hours per week/12 weeks, up to a maximum of 120 hours. Flexible timing throughout the week. Placement begins the week of September 12.

Credit: Half credit (0.5). This internship is for pass/fail course credit at the University of Toronto through the Department of Art History. This is not a paid position.

(Graduate students: Please note that the course code will be different for you than that shown in the application package. You are still eligible to apply.)

Interested students should send an application by August 25, 2022 September 5, 2022 to Dr Jessica Mace ( Applications should include a letter of interest (including any relevant coursework or experience), and a resume. Please indicate to which posting(s) you are applying. If you are interested in multiple postings, you only need to submit one application.

This project is supported by the Learning & Education Advancement Fund at the University of Toronto

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