401 Richmond internship

Urbanspace Property Group is seeking exceptional undergraduate candidates to work with the organization in the Spring of 2023. The organization is eager to connect with students from any course of study who are passionate about its cultural promotion and preservation mission.

About the organization:

Urbanspace Property Group owns and operates 401 Richmond Street West, a heritage-designated building in downtown Toronto since 1994. As a mission-driven developer and property manager, Urbanspace Property Group’s initiatives are directed toward the preservation and restoration of historic and architecturally significant spaces. The overall goal is to adaptively reuse old buildings to provide commercial opportunities for creative, non-profit and innovation sectors. Urbanspace incorporates sustainable building efforts and a commitment to environmentally sound practices in the restoration, operation, and maintenance of its property. The 401 Richmond complex provides space for artists’, galleries, film festivals, charities, not-for-profits, magazines, architects, theatre groups and design firms and fosters the development of an inspiring integration of commerce, culture, and community. The building’s renewal, more than 25 years ago, was inspired by author Jane Jacobs’ observation that “new ideas need old buildings” and the importance of diversity and mixed-uses in the city.

About the placement:

Urbanspace in the process of realizing a multi-staged initiative aimed at capturing and promoting an important narrative connected to the contribution of the 401 Richmond facility as a cultural influence in Toronto and beyond. Equal parts living archive and constantly evolving cultural hub, this project seeks to build greater awareness of 401 Richmond’s history and ongoing relevance. Comprising an events program of talks, lectures, symposia, and exhibitions along with a research initiative designed to capture unique narratives, for both members of the 401 Richmond community and outside stakeholders.

Tasks and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Contributing to an archive of historical and present-day research around the function and impact of 401 Richmond Street West as a cultural hub and creative catalyst
  • Assist in the planning and execution of an event program, which will include:
    • Event Concept and Structure – identify priority content and develop event framework
    • Participant Liaison – engage and facilitate event participants and other stakeholders
    • Resources Development – identify required resources and determine a strategy for procurement
    • Promotional Strategy – creation of an outreach and communications plan to create event awareness
    • Event Documentation – ensure digital documentation of the event for inclusion within the online archive
  • Assist in the content development of a dedicated website designed as a centralized host platform for the results of this multi-staged research initiative
  • Contribute original ideas and strategies reinforcing the goals and objects of this initiative

Virtual team meetings will take place weekly, and the candidate will work in consultation with the organization’s Curator, Special Projects, who will also provide ongoing support particularly as liaison with 401 Richmond Street West tenants and extended stakeholders. This placement requires both interaction with a breadth of stakeholders and components that are self-directed.


Participation in this opportunity is expected to take place both remotely and onsite. The candidate should be based in or near Toronto. Candidates should consider themselves self-motivated and able to work independently and in groups.

Timing or hours of placement: The placement is 12-15 hours per week for 8 weeks during the Spring 2023 semester (May-June). Flexible timing throughout the week. Placement begins the week of May 8.

Credit: Half credit (0.5). This internship is for pass/fail course credit at the University of Toronto through the Department of Art History. This is not a paid position.

Interested students should send an application by April 7, 2023 to Dr Jessica Mace (jessica.mace@utoronto.ca). Applications should include 1) a letter of interest (including any relevant coursework or experience), 2) a bursary eligibility form, and 3) a resume. Please indicate to which posting(s) you are applying. If you are interested in multiple postings, you only need to submit one application.

This project has been funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Innovative Work-Integrated Learning program and CEWIL Canada’s iHUB.

This project is supported by the Learning & Education Advancement Fund at the University of Toronto.

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